The English Double Bass Testimonials

| Thoughts from our readers across the globe

The English Double Bass is an unprecedented work, by double bass experts Thomas Martin, George Martin and Martin Lawrence. This 526-page work features 766 colour photographs of 100 double basses enshrined in its leather-bound covers, printed on high-quality paper. Here are some of our readers’ comments:

"Congratulations to Thomas Martin, Martin Lawrence and George Martin on producing a comprehensive work on the English double bass. Here, this revered school has received the definitive treatment. The comfortable format, excellent images and concise notes make this volume a welcome addition to any luthier or musicians’ library."

- David Rattray, Senior Fellow Royal Academy of Music, United Kingdom

"Very informative, with lots of useful biographical information and plenty very interesting examples. The fact that it includes some obscure makers like Valentine, Devereux and Calow is an added bonus. The images are great, with some good bonus shots of labels, brands and details. Altogether a fine addition to the library, and nicely produced!"

- Tim Ingles, United Kingdom

"With an informative historical introduction and examples of forty maker’s work, this excellent book is a very long awaited and welcome publication, particularly to those of us who remain ignorant of anything larger than a cello."

- Andrew Fairfax, United Kingom

"A magnificent book destined to remain a milestone in the history of the double bass. The research that animated it has been scrupulous: the book is comparable to the major compendia of violinmaking that until now were generally excluding the double bass. The gap with the other bowed instruments has been finally filled."

- Stefano Pio, Italy

"Congratulations on this great work that will help all those luthiers, collectors, musicians and amateurs who want to deepen the history of violin making."

- Sergio Scaramelli, Italy

"Apart from my dendrochronological examinations, I know very little about double basses, however the book on The English Double Bass produced by George and Tom Martin is a fine piece of work which will certainly allow me to get to know more. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore a field of instrument making that is often underestimated."

- John Topham, United Kingdom

"Here is the first book ever published about the double bass with this extraordinary quality of material, photos and content. The most charming features of this work is probably the numerous wonderful and high-definition photos of the instruments, but the detailed research on the lives and works of the master double bass makers has a great value and enrich the reading too. From my point of view, a must for all violin makers and in particular, for those specialized in the double bass. A big-sized book for a big-sized instrument!"

- Ignazio Sanfilippo, Italy

"I waited with much anticipation for the publication of The English Double Bass. It has been extensively researched with many examples from the great makers. The images are terrific and it`s fantastic to have so much background on the folks that made these wonderful instruments during the golden period in British bass making. A great workshop aid for makers and a terrific reference for enthusiasts."

- Martin Penning, United Kingdom

"Congratulations to Tom, Martin and George on compiling this invaluable resource."

- Tony Houska, United Kingdom

"Upon receipt of my copy of The English Double Bass, the presentation of packaging completely impressed me. However, once reading and studying the actual contents of this book, I was totally taken by the depth and completeness of content, the magnitude of this project and the presentation of this most important reference book, inside and out. This work is and will always be regarded as perhaps the most definitive studies of the English Double Bass History. It is truly a “must have” publication for any serious luthier and serious Bassist to enjoy and use as a learning and reference guide. Bravo to my dear friends, Tom, George and Martin in bringing this masterful work to fruition. With much admiration and thanks."

- Barrie Kolstein, United States of America