Arpeggio Publishing

Publishers of fine musical instrument books and prints

Arpeggio Publishing specialises in producing classical music instrument books and fine art prints. The management team behind the business has over 125 years’ combined experience of orchestral instruments, and has acquired an enviable understanding of this field.

The team’s knowledge draws on broad experience as musical instrument experts, makers and restorers – expertise which is clearly evident in the breath-taking quality of the publications Arpeggio Publishing produces. This musical instrument experience is matched by a thorough understanding of specialist publishing, with the team possessing thorough skills and knowledge relating to fine art printing, book binding, photography, image management, copy writing, editorial and production management.

The English Double Bass Book

The English Double Bass is an unprecedented fine art work researched painstakingly by double bass experts Thomas Martin, Martin Lawrence and George Martin. This 526-page book features 766 exquisite colour photographs of 100 double basses enshrined in its leather-bound covers, printed on high-quality paper and with varnished musical instrument images throughout.

Published in 2018, it chronicles the rise and fall of the English double bass makers, providing compiled information on their work, instruments and lives in a level of detail not seen before.


The Italian Double Bass Book

Scheduled to be published in late 2023, The Italian Double Bass features some of the finest double basses ever made. We have secured around 150 instruments from some 80 of the great Italian makers with high-quality photography, presented in a similar style and format to The English Double Bass.

Gasparo da Salò, Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Mateo Goffriller and Hieronymus Amati II are among the famous luthiers to be included, alongside many other historically important makers.


Fine Art Prints

Our limited-edition fine art prints are collectable works of art in themselves. The instrument photographs featured on our prints are reproduced using stochastic printing which uses a very small ink-dot size. This provides an unsurpassed level of detail on the subject depicted. In addition, we use expensive light-fast inks to reduce the bleaching effects of sunlight over time, thereby preserving the integrity of the images for long-term display in your home, workshop, music room or study.

The fine art prints produced by Arpeggio Publishing are unlike anything previously offered to the market.

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